Managers and Supervisor roles can assist employees with manually clocking in.

From the Overview Screen

  • From the Overview screen select your number of Employees off the clock
  • A drawer on the right side of the screen will display a list of your employees off the clock
  • Select the three dots to the right of the employees name
  • Select Clock In
  • Assign the Location, Task and Start Time associated with the shift
  • Clock In the employee

From the Shifts Section

  • Select Shifts from the menu
  • Select the orange Add Shift button
  • Select Add Shift from the drop down menu
  • A drawer will open on the right side
  • Select an employee
  • Hover over the time indicated under Start and the pencil icon will appear
  • Select the pencil icon to edit the shift date and time
  • Select the Location and Task associated with the shift
  • Select Save

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