What is "Enforce Start Time"?

The "Enforce Start" Time feature allows the company to establish work hours for each work location.

For example, let's say you have a work location where the start time is 9:00am. Your employees are well informed about the start time but even so, they tend to arrive to work earlier and some times, they accidentally clock in before they actually start working at the allowed time (9:00am).

When "Enforce Start Time" is turn to on, an employee that tries to clock in before 9:00am will get the following alert:

How to turn on "Enforce Start Time"?

Follow this steps in order to turn on "Enforce Start Time":

1. Go to the Menu Bar

2. Select "Locations"

3. Click on the location at which you'd like to enforce a start time

4. Turn the "Enforce start time" toggle on

5. Indicate the allowable start time

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